Saturday, December 5, 2009

all i want for christmas

This is it. My Christmas wish list. These are things that I like (want) that I will never (probably) buy because they are so impractically expensive. That is, expensive to the point of impracticality. But if some kind and generous benefactor/s will "gift" me, I would happily accept.

1. The Vestax Spin mixer. Designed for the Mac. Argghhhh!!! (DJing is one of my secret talents. Now you know.)

2. I think I want a Segway, for moving around. It's so geeky, it's cool.

3. A Tod's Pashmy bag. I love the many, many pockets which are totally practical. So of course I want the most impractical color.

4. A limited edition red Eveready leather case for my Lumix LX3. Costs as a much as an entire new digital camera.

5. An iPhone. What can I say? I don't have one, OK?

6. The Philippe Starck Bubble chair. A pair. And the sofa. Oh, throw in a side table or two, what the hail.

7. The "Rue de Faubourg" musical globe by Lanvin, first spotted in Jenni Epperson's blog. Just because it's beautiful.

8. I know I've said that the Lumix LX3 is the last camera that I will ever buy, but if someone were to "gift" me... why not? Yez, why not the Leica M7 Edition Hermes which I saw on Daphne Osena's blog? Only 100 of each color are available. Price tag: US$14,250.

9. The Starbucks plastic cup. It's reusable, not disposable. It's made of pretty thick clear plastic which I guess is insulated. At PHP425, it's not unreasonably priced. I can buy it myself, but much better if someone buys it for me. Are there enough hints now?

10. A Toyota Prius. The 2010 model. Wow. Sexy AND sensitive.

Hey, that was fun.

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