Wednesday, February 24, 2010

singapore sojourn

This is our third day in Singapore. Lots of blogging backlog, but I thought what the heck-- I'll just work my way backwards.

Haji Lane in Singapore is a tiny alley parallel to Arab Street. It's similar to Cubao X in Manila, except of course, it's in Singapore and it's so clean that you can eat off the ground.

Storefronts of Haji Lane:

So many interesting details everywhere:

Loot from Haji Lane:

Those are new ear rings, except for the crystal bracelet which I bought to ward off evil forces that have been trying to do me in these past few days. More about that later.

I feel better already.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

rio, isdatchu?

It's very easy to get lost in Capiz. Everything looks the same. The countryside is very picturesque, the roads are well-paved and the people are very friendly. However, they can't give directions to save their lives.

So we just drove in the general direction of Aklan, our home province. Suddenly, we saw:

OK, you can't tell from that picture, but it was huge. Not as big as the one in Rio de Janeiro, but still shockingly big-- especially when you're driving along and all you see are trees and rice paddies.

Check out the ladder leaning against the statue's base for scale:

It's in a little town called Ivisan. Who put it there? Why? How come there are no signs or plaques? Must ask The Mayor about it sometime.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Monday, February 8, 2010

pan-ay church of panay

The first time we saw this church was at night. It zoomed by, as we were in a speeding SUV being driven by The Mayor. He said, "Oh, that church has the biggest bell in Asia."

We therefore put in on our must-see list, for the next time we were in Capiz-- during the day time, of course.

AKA Santa Monica Parish.

Is this it? The biggest bell?

Shouldn't it be up there?

Fantastic weather that day.

Suddenly, I remembered that my Lumix LX3 has Dynamic Black & White! Check out the exterior of Pan-ay Church-- so well-preserved and very, very clean. And may I just say, congratulations to the people of Pan-ay for not allowing anything (lampposts, wires, etc.) to mar the facade of your beautiful church.

The interior was very plain... until seen through the lens of the Lumix LX3 in Dynamic B&W setting. Naks! God is in the details.

My favorite photo of the day:

Some people offered to take us up the belfry, but they couldn't find the key. Gives us a reason to go back.