Monday, February 8, 2010

pan-ay church of panay

The first time we saw this church was at night. It zoomed by, as we were in a speeding SUV being driven by The Mayor. He said, "Oh, that church has the biggest bell in Asia."

We therefore put in on our must-see list, for the next time we were in Capiz-- during the day time, of course.

AKA Santa Monica Parish.

Is this it? The biggest bell?

Shouldn't it be up there?

Fantastic weather that day.

Suddenly, I remembered that my Lumix LX3 has Dynamic Black & White! Check out the exterior of Pan-ay Church-- so well-preserved and very, very clean. And may I just say, congratulations to the people of Pan-ay for not allowing anything (lampposts, wires, etc.) to mar the facade of your beautiful church.

The interior was very plain... until seen through the lens of the Lumix LX3 in Dynamic B&W setting. Naks! God is in the details.

My favorite photo of the day:

Some people offered to take us up the belfry, but they couldn't find the key. Gives us a reason to go back.

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