Sunday, August 28, 2011

you can't miss it

I accompanied my progenitors to Hong Kong to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary a couple of weeks ago. As I'm going through my photos, I noticed something. Do you notice it, too?

While having lunch at Nobu, InterContinental Hong Kong on Salisbury Road, 14 August 2011, 2:36PM.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

my happy place

In 2001, when Nail Spa opened at the Shangri-la Plaza Mall in Mandaluyong City, I didn't quite get it. Why would my nails need to go to the spa?

That was then. My hands and feet, after experiencing bliss, have since developed a mind of their own. Hands dial Nail Spa's number to set an appointment. Feet take me straight to the fifth floor of The Block at SM City North EDSA.

13 August 2011, 10AM. Enter Happy Place.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

assorted edibles

Here are some of the things that I've put in my mouth this year:

1. Pancake House's Sunrise Orange Pancake Tower. The best pancakes ever! Pillowy soft baby pancakes with whipped butter, cream cheese, lemon-orange syrup and orange zest. If I lived next door to a Pancake House, I would eat this everyday. I would gain a kilo a week, and then keel over and fall into a diabetic coma. But I would be happy.

Sunrise orange pancake tower by Pancake House, multiple branches. 5/5

2. Asia's Biggest Loser first runner-up Chef Carlos Miguel's beef pot pie. The pastry crust is love. The beef is fork-tender and robustly flavored. Perfect for rainy days. I wonder if he has ever thought of selling this as a frozen dinner?

US beef and dark ale pot pie with potato wedges at Opus, Resorts World Manila. 4.5/5

3. Will the real Razon's please stand up? The ubiquitous "Razon's" fast food outlets have become the default palabok and halo-halo stations in Manila, but I had never heard of Teresita R. Razon. I figured we were in Pampanga, so how bad could it be? Not bad at all, it turned out. The place was packed with locals who seemed to think that this was the real thing.

Pancit palabok at Teresita R. Razon Halo-halo & Palabok in San Fernando, Pampanga. 4.25/5