Sunday, December 22, 2013

singapore biennale 2013

One of the things I like best about Singapore-- besides the food, the public transport system and the fact that everyone walks in an orderly fashion-- is the vibrant art scene. So happy that I was in Singapore during Biennale!

The whole city is dotted with fantastic sculptures. I saw Ana Tsarev's red flower in front of ArtScience Museum.

And this panda is just chillin' outside ION Orchard.

Art festival = a visit to the Singapore Art Museum, naturally. I had such a great time there with my father back in 2010. The docent who gave the tour this time was just as passionate and knowledgable as the one before. Someday when I join the ranks of the idle rich living in Singapore, I will definitely sign up as a museum volunteer.

Lots of provocative pieces that my photos can't do justice.

Yez, that last one is a little boy made of soap stationed in one of the washrooms. He is meant to be used until he melts away. In fact his right hand, which originally was giving the finger to the world, is completely gone.

My favorite installation at SAM is something called Peace Can Be Realised Even Without Order by Japan's teamLab which takes up the entire third level. It's described in the brochure as an "interactive, animated diorama [wherein] cut-out figures interact with one another and also react to the viewers's presence. Depending on how viewers navigate around the space, motion sensors are set off to create an organic response-- a symphony of sound and movement." Hauntingly beautiful and worth every cent of the SGD10 museum entrance fee.

The same ticket includes admission to the National Museum of Singapore. These three bamboo mounds on the front lawn are called Wormhole, by Indonesian artist Eko Prawoto.

Crystal Palace: The Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of All Nuclear Nations in the basement is a must-see...

As well as the gigantic camouflage toy version of a stone bas-relief from Angkor Wat.

The Philippines is well-represented. Here's the hybrid vehicle 2243: Moving Forward which is a testament to the Filipinos' resourcefulness during natural calamities.

The theme of Singapore Biennale 2013 is "If the world changed, what would it look like?" I'm not sure how all the pieces I saw answer that question, but I guess the fun is in the figuring out.

Note: Here are the iOS apps that I used for this trip. The SG Railways app is invaluable for navigating the MRT. Your Singapore Guide lists the latest events and sales, while Singapore City Walks is great for do-it-yourself tours. And Marina Bay and Sentosa have their own apps.

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