Sunday, December 27, 2009

guess what

Remember when I said that I gave up on the Starbucks planner, here?

Well, somebody gave me four stickers, and then last night, Bunny Rabbit and I ordered two coffees.

So they gave it to us.

It's very pretty. I love the texture of the hard cover. This design is called "The Grind", which I prefer over the more popular "The Bean".

The coffee bean marker is a nice touch.

Unfortunately, that's all I like about it. Inside, there are 2010 and 2011 calendars, but no measurement and conversions tables (a must for my mom). Every month starts with a colored spread about Starbucks-- the store, the coffee, the drinks, etc. It's a daily calendar with lots of space per day, but no extra pages for notes (a must for me). And it's very heavy.

I'm thinking, who would use this planner? Perhaps an artsy type who would insert postcards, write poems, sketch pen and ink drawings on the pages. At the end of the year, the planner would become a work of art.

The other kind of person who would use it? A teenager.

Heh. Now that I have it, what do I do with it?

P.S. If you are visiting Starbucks Boracay, make sure that you order your drink EXTRA hot. For some reason, the hot coffees always come out lukewarm.

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