Friday, December 30, 2011

if it quacks like a duck

Sometimes I just want to be a tourist and do touristy things. I'd been wanting to go on a DUCKtour for the longest time.

From the brochure (unedited): "Ride the Wacky DUCK. There are 2 amphibious tours in Singapore, but there is only 1 DUCKtours. Nothing comes close to the Original. The 1st amphibious themed attraction in Asia, this Tourism Award Winning DUCK is rated number 1 in Singapore. 800,000 passengers! 8 years of perfect safety record! Best in tour experience! Ride the only Wacky DUCKtours and embark on a unique combined City & Harbour tour adventure in Singapore."

Now tell me, doesn't that sound like fun?

"More than a tour, it is 60 minutes of land and sea adventure on a genuine Vietnam War machine."

"Hold on to your seat as it waddles away and be prepared for a splashing good time!

Our "WackyDUCKtainer" was a Filipino, as well as the ladies who collected my payment at Orchard Road and issued my boarding pass at Suntec City.

I learned some things about Singapore that I didn't know before (ooh, I just love trivia-- useful when I'm watching Jeopardy), even though I had been there at least five times already. And it was much nicer than reading a guide book or Wiki.

The Singapore Flyer is the tallest Ferris wheel in the world at 165 meters.

The Float@Marina Bay is the world's largest floating stage. The grandstand has 28,000 seats.

The white things on the water are floating wish balls. Part of Singapore's New Year celebration.

I never knew that Marina Bay Sands could look a bit phallic from certain angles.

The ArtScience Museum looks like a ginormous lotus flower. I love that the building recycles rainwater.

The Helix Bridge is a pedestrian bridge made of steel and fritted glass. Reminds me of science lab in high school.

On the way back to dry land. A bunch of Harley Davidson bikers in leather jackets were in the other DUCK.

The old Supreme Court building is extremely well-preserved. The new modern design SC is being built behind it.

Swissotel The Stamford used to be the tallest hotel in the world back in the '80s. Designed by I.M. Pei.

There were many more attractions that I didn't photograph because we were in a moving vehicle, the subject was against the light or the angle was wrong. Whatever. Sometimes you just have to put the camera down and enjoy the experience.

The DUCKtour is a bit costly at S$33 per person, but I highly recommend it for kids and kids at heart. Check out their website here.

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