Tuesday, March 2, 2010

the most expensive bags ever

Why Singapore? Well, last month, I was reading The Bag Hag's blog and she mentioned that Cath Kidston was having a sale. I remembered that Hot Tuna, our friend from London, was coming to Asia for a few weeks, and I thought, hmmm... I can order some bags online, have them shipped to his house and meet up with him in Singapore.

Anyway, I told my mom who told my pop who said that he had mileage that we could use. The problem was, due to flight availability, we were scheduled to arrive in Singapore the day after Hot Tuna would depart. Heh. So I never got to see him.

I took a cab to the Holiday Inn Atrium where he left my package.

This hotel reminds me of the Hyatt Hotel in Baguio which was destroyed in the great earthquake of 1990. Same kind of elevators.

I got my package from the concierge. Excited!

I bought two bags. The red one is a giant cloth sling bag which is big enough for my Macbook and cameras. The blue one is a giant PVC saddle bag which is... big enough... for my Macbook and cameras, too! I am pleased. Thank you, Hot Tuna.

The two bags with shipping within the UK cost 75 pounds sterling. The cost of the Singapore trip? Let's not talk about it.

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