Wednesday, October 13, 2010

a lazy restaurant review

Lazy or succinct? You decide. Sometimes you just have to be direct to the point.

Ramen Bar at Eastwood Mall, Libis.

Overall score: two thumbs up. Would recommend to friends and relatives.

There were four of us and we ordered almost everything on the menu. There's not a lot on it, but sometimes you don't need a lot.

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We started with some Edamame. I had to teach the others how to eat them.

So good. So bad. My right foot is still killing me. I am powerless in the face of soy!
The Yakiniku Beef was excellent. I would take this home, top it over some rice and eat with my bare hands.

Tasted very Japanese. You know what I mean?
The Karaage was another hit. It's hard to get boneless fried chicken right. Would also take this home and eat with hands. 

Tender and juicy. Fried food at its best.
The Kakuni Buns would be perfect as a snack. We tasted it, pronounced it "yummy" and asked them to put it in a doggy bag.

Brought it home to Ma. Resisted the urge to steal it for a midnight snack.
The ramen, of course, was the main attraction. We all had tonkotsu-based ramens. That means that I have to go back and try the shoyu-based one.

RBS#1. Everything but the kitchen sink.
I agree with Anton Diaz who wrote that the soup was not served as hot as it should be. I was a bit overwhelmed by all the stuff that was in the bowl. It was delicious and satisfying, but I think I'm just looking for simpler pleasures nowadays. Still, this ramen really makes an effort to live up to its 380 peso price tag.

We shared an order of Tempura Ice Cream. It's the only dessert offering on the menu.

Good, but not great. Would skip it until they do it better.
Bottom line? Gow.

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