Tuesday, October 12, 2010

crab olympics

If eating crab were an Olympic event...

First you need some live mud crabs, preferably female and molted recently enough that the shell can be cracked open with your teeth.

You steam them with some 7-Up, like the lady vendor said. Don't add any water daw.

OK, OK, you can use tools. Like a mallet. And your own fingernails. None of that sissy nutcracker and sterling silver crab-pick stuff. Dipping sauce is limited to vinegar-- pinakurat if available.

Start by dismembering the crab. Howl like a wolf if it feels appropriate.

Some parts are pretty agreeable. Just crack with mallet or teeth-- sometimes I use my fingers only and press really hard until I feel something break-- twist, and pull.

Other parts might need a bit of coaxing. Threatening and begging also help. You really have to commit to this endeavor. Get your hands dirty, so to speak.

I usually save the "best" for last. But now I wonder-- is the crab claw really that desirable, like the chicken drumstick? Or have we been brainwashed as children to think so? Sure, it's easy and convenient, but regarding taste... I dunno.

Oh, and you need a garbage bowl or some newspaper. Something to catch the detritus of this epic battle.

Three crabs, two kilograms, 600 pesos. Bought at Kalibo airport.

Note: All images here are by Bunny Rabbit. Obviously, my hands were occupied.


  1. Sometimes the simplest of foods are the most desirable, I do like crab and agree messy hands are part of the fun, throughout your report I could almost smell the sweet aroma of fresh crab, testimony to some excellent photography.
    Talking of simple seafood, I remember sharing a sack of oysters with you and others a few years back, an evening that is firmly embedded in my archive of truly memorable events.
    Hot Tuna

  2. hmmm... oysters! the mayor sent them for our birthday celebration, i remember. today we are going to bacolod to eat our hearts out. will be thinking of you. :-)