Friday, June 19, 2009

to be a tourist in hong kong

The trouble with traveling to Hong Kong is that everyone in my family has been there dozens of times-- including my travel companions on this trip, my parents. You won't believe how easy it is for us to get to Hong Kong. And it can be quite cheap. It's even cheaper than touring our own country.

So, when we got to Hong Kong, my parents tried to take over the itinerary that I had meticulously planned. They lost.

I wanted to go to Victoria's Peak, ride the Peak Tram and look at the Hong Kong skyline. Oops, forgot it was a holiday. There were hordes of people.

We got to the top at around sunset.

I decided that we should eat at Cafe Deco. To this day, Pop remembers it as one of the most unexpectedly expensive restaurants we've ever been to.

If there's lamb on the menu, I will order it.

If there's sea bass on the menu, Ma will order it.

Before we left Victoria Peak, we watched the fireworks and just enjoyed the skyline.

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