Thursday, June 18, 2009

billions and billions served

In front of Vigan Plaza Hotel is the plaza, naturally. To the left is Calle Crisologo. To the right is the cathedral.

I've noticed that in this country, it's quite common for the bell tower or belfry of a church to be built so far away from the actual church that streets are inevitably built between the church and the tower. It's sad when you see telephone poles and electrical wires strung all over the place.

Here in Vigan, though, I was quite impressed with the way they tried to maintain the spirit of the colonial architecture. Case in point: Vigan Cathedral and Bell Tower, meet McDonald's and ITS Bell Tower.

Just next door is this wonderful building called the Arzobispado de Nueva Segovia.

We hadn't even stepped on Calle Crisologo yet, and I already loved Vigan.

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