Thursday, June 18, 2009

musings while on a pink bus

This Ilocos trip was the first one I had ever planned wherein the main objective was to take pictures. Bunny Rabbit had his Nikon D40 with the 18-200 lens, while I carried a Canon Powershot SD750 (set on "auto", mostly) and a Fisheye Lens Lomo.
These are the things we learned:
1. When you use a DSLR, you can't use sunblock. It will get on the strap, the lens, the cap, the buttons-- everything. You can, at most, wear a hat. And bring the largest towel that you can comfortably carry.

You can use sunblock if you use a point-and-shoot... unless the camera has a neck strap. Oops, sorry
about that, Wonder Dog. Look at the nice picture your camera took!

2. Wear shoes. You know, footwear that covers the entire foot. Not slippers, thongs, sandals or clogs. Sturdy and comfortable shoes will protect your feet from dirt, bites and various physical injuries. And did I mention the hot, hot sand?

3. Don't bring water. BUY refreshments at your destination. Sure, it's probably more expensive there, but remember that one liter of water is one kilogram. Now try lugging that around under the noontime sun in the desert with a DSLR around your neck.

Wherever you're going, there's likely to be a souvenir shop. They usually sell water. And you get a chance to talk to the locals.

4. Don't fall asleep in the bus. You might miss your stop.

5. Of course, you MUST carry your DSLR in its big fancy camera bag, but for your other stuff, an eco bag is best. They're cheap, spacious, durable, easy to find, light to carry around, and can be used to cover the ground and protect your clothes while you lie down to take a shot.

6. Sometimes the best view is the ant's-eye view.

7. Wear appropriate clothing. You want to make sure that nobody sees your butt crack when you take that ant's-eye view shot.

8. Always carry small change.

9. Do your research. What's there to see? How to get there? When's the best season to go? Why? What time of day will you be against the sun? How much time do you anticipate to be spending there?

10. Keep your eyes peeled. And when walking forward, look behind you every few steps. You never know what you're going to find.

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