Friday, June 19, 2009

food trip

Of course, we ate well. This was, after all, Hong Kong.
We had the roast pigeon. My favorite part is the tiny brain. You didn't know that it's edible? You grab the little head, tear the lower beak off, peel the skin off the skull, remove the bits of bone and expose the brain. Then, you slurp it up. Tastes like foie gras.

There's something about the steamed fish in HK. It's so fresh, fresh, fresh!

If you ask my grandmother, the greatest cook I had ever known, how to cook a fish, she would say, "First, you buy a live fish at the market. Then, you take it home and kill it." That's fresh, people.
Pop and I wanted to try something different. We ordered a geoduck clam. It was still alive and pulsating when the maitre d' showed it to us. We told him to slice it up. Ta-dah! Geoduck sashimi.
Since they were in season, we ordered the hairy crab. There's not a lot of meat. It's just mostly cholesterol. It was dangerously delicious, but I feel that it tastes better in Shanghai. That's another story, though.

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