Thursday, June 18, 2009

other stuff we ate

Of course, we ate pinakbet, and its weird reincarnation, pinakbet pizza. We tried the poque-poque, which is eggplant and scrambled eggs. I liked that.

Bunny Rabbit, who is a fan of dinuguan (meat stewed in blood) did not like the crispy dinugan, which is-- guess what-- bagnet covered in congealed blood.

The sinigang na ipon was interestingly tasteless. Ipon, by the way, is tiny, tiny fish. You'd need a hundred to fill your soup spoon.

At Batac, about 20 minutes by jeepney from Laoag City, I enjoyed the violently orange empanada-- "special", of course, which means it had egg and longganisa. The "regular" was just plain papaya and bean sprouts.

The longganisa looks like this.

By the end of our trip, we became addicted to KBL and ate it with everything, including breakfast.

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