Tuesday, July 27, 2010

well, i bought socks

OK, I am NOT 21 years old. I must admit that the store is very appropriately named.

First, let's take a look at this cool picture that my LX3 took:
Notice that the security guy is perfectly vertical. So is the lady about to come out of the store. So's the mannequin. So how come the floor is not level, hmm? Optical illusion?

I've recently discovered the "Vibrant" setting of my camera. This is Auto:

And this is Vibrant:

Interesting. It's like hitting the "Saturate" button on Picasa. I must remember to try this outdoors, maybe with a blue sky with puffy white clouds.

Anyway, at first glance, Forever 21 overwhelms you with the sheer amount of merchandise inside that cavernous space at SM Megamall, but upon closer inspection, the quality of the clothing leaves something to be desired. The material's so-so and the stitching is downright icky. Still, I suppose if your aim is to be fashionable RIGHT NOW, these clothes will last you through the season. And then you can go shopping again for new stuff! The less than US$25 price tag per piece won't make you feel bad about retiring, donating or gifting last year's Forever 21 loot.

They have some outfits which are within the US$25 to US$40 price range. The quality is slightly better and the styles are undeniably for people slightly older than 21. This probably follows the premise that you have more moolah as you get older and can afford to spend more on clothes.

In general, Forever 21 is not my style. Being in the store feels a bit like checking out Madonna's closet from 20 years ago, but revamped by her daughter. OK, correction: Perhaps the next season's collection will be more my style, but for now, Forever 21's current collection is not my style.

I did buy some very nice socks and tights, though. And the accessories section is very satisfactory. I would go back for the burloloy (accessories).

Afterwards we ended up at the Food Court where I tried Kipp's Fried Chicken, which some guys raved about in the Comments section of spot.ph's "10 Best Pinoy-Style Fried Chicken in Metro Manila", here.

Verdict: At 81 pesos for a huge piece of chicken, a cup of orange-colored rice, some gravy and an 8 oz. soda, it's pretty good value. However, I found the chicken kind of bland without the gravy. It was crispy outside and moist inside, so nothing wrong there. It was just kind of tasteless for me. As Bunny Rabbit said, Max's Fried Chicken is still the winner. But hey, Kipp's meal is less than US$2!

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