Sunday, July 11, 2010

letter to the lourd

Dear Lourd,

Omigod omigod omigod! You have Lhasa Apsos, too?! Aren't they the cutest little furry furballs yes aren't they?

I just loved what you said about them in your blog: So I got myself two more dogs, this time, a pair of mahogany-colored Lhasa Apsos. They're also small, not quite lazy, but frighteningly furry sometimes I can't tell between their front and back.

You're so funnnnyyyy!!!

Here's a picture of our puppies. Well, they're actually three years old now. That's Kisses and Teddy and Ginger. Aren't they adorable yes they are!

Here's their mommy, Tootsie. She's our very first Lhasa Apso. I saw her in the window of Bio Research Mega and I just had to have her. She's so preeeeeetttyyyy!!!

And here's their daddy, Toby Too. Isn't he as cute as a button?! But he was a little retarded, I think. He had that crazy look in his eye. He ran away from home a couple of years ago, but in our hearts, we know that he's still out there and someday, he'll come home to us.

Anyway, I'm bringing Teddy to Manila next week because he needs a haircut. He's at that woolly mammoth stage right now.

I'll be watching Legally Blonde the Musical at Meralco Theater, I'm so excited! Hey, maybe I'll see you there huh??? Omigod, bring your doggies and we can introduce our super-cute babies to one another! Yay!

See you there!


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