Thursday, February 2, 2012

ati-atihan in kalibo 2012, part 4

During last year's Ati-atihan, we missed the Sunday morning mass because it was raining and our chauffeur Man Friday refused-- absolutely refused, I tell you-- to pick us up and bring us to church. In fact, he turned off his mobile phone and slept through the whole thing, oblivious to the fact that we had been awake and waiting for him since 5AM.

This year, we made it in time for the communion. It was the first time I had communion since my university days, I think, and it was completely accidental. While squeezing through the crowd to get to a good vantage point, I turned around and found myself nose-to-nose with a priest. He held the host in front of my face and I instinctively opened my mouth. Pop!

Attending the 7AM Sunday mass is truly a must-do. All the tribes gather in the plaza in front of the cathedral, in full regalia. It's an amazing sight.

At the end of the mass, the priest says, "Go in peace" and "Viva kay SeƱor Santo Nino," and the crowd yells back, "Viva!" And then everyone starts to shake his booty.

(This video which I took lasts about 2-1/2 minutes, but it took six hours to upload it to YouTube. I weep for our pathetic Third World internet connection.)

Now tell me, after watching that video, don't you want to go to Ati-atihan?

Oh, and yes, we ate.

Friday dinner.

Saturday lunch.

Saturday dinner.

Sunday lunch.

Ati-atihan is the best Philippine fiesta ever.


  1. The food looks amazing, pork on Friday, oysters on Saturday and crab on Sunday it looks like you are teasing me with the type of food I crave, it all looks great and my only disappointment is that I have to wait until 2013 to tuck in and pile the pounds on again.
    By the way I am having trouble viewing the YouTube video.

  2. that's strange, the video is working fine here. perhaps you have to be in a third world country to be able to watch it.