Saturday, February 5, 2011

ain't no sunshine

The last day of Ati-atihan, Sunday 16 January 2011, was dark and gloomy.

In fact, we all woke up at 5AM because we wanted to attend the 7AM mass at the plaza-- well, THEY wanted to hear mass. I just wanted to catch the last part, which so-oooo many people told me should not be missed.

But it rained. Very hard. For hours and hours. And our chauffeur never showed up. Ah well, maybe next year.

Our trusty chariot awaited... NOT!

When the rain started to taper off, we drove around town, visiting various friends and relatives, and eating eating eating. My gad, I ate lechon (roast pig) for Saturday lunch, Saturday dinner, Sunday lunch and Sunday dinner. I was literally pigged out.

To burn off the calories, we decided to join the afternoon procession of the Santo NiƱo images.

Dark clouds overhead. At least it stopped raining.

People still came out in droves, including our little coterie.

I had never ever seen so many human beings in Kalibo.

At first, we didn't know where to hang out. Good thing I got a call from Ben the Professional Boracaynon. He invited us to join their group, the Pirates.

Thanks for letting us join you guys. We had so much fun!

Look, it's the mayor of Boracay... John Mayor!

And his doppelganger, the original James Yap. With the lovely pirate princess.

The Pirates had a really good vantage point. We saw most of the groups in the procession as they passed by, before we started walking ourselves.

To fortify ourselves during the long march, we brought some bottled water. And some bottled alcohol, too. Teehee.

Kaleidosflora and his Man Friday (Everyday is a Friday) hiding their drinks from their aunt.

Of all the town fiestas and festivals we've been to, Kalibo's Ati-atihan was the most enjoyable. I can't believe that I've been living in this province for over a decade and have experienced it only now. Ati-atihan is definitely going to be on my Must-Do list every January.

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