Monday, February 7, 2011


Kalibo is the capital of Aklan province. It's a sleepy little town with a very laid back populace. There's no McDonald's, no KFC, no Starbucks. By 8PM, the streets are deserted. There are no taxis, only tricycles. Many buses and trucks pass through the town, but they almost never stop, their drivers hurrying to their final destinations-- either Boracay, the crown jewel of Aklan, or Iloilo, the commercial hub of this region.

Once every year, during Ati-atihan in January, the whole town wakes up and goes nuts.

Just like Kadayawan in Davao, I found that the most interesting performers/ dancers were the kids.

And always, ALWAYS, the Santo NiƱo took center stage.

We had so many memorable meals in the three days that we were there-- wonderful home-cooked food and heart-warming company. One of the best was our lunch at Royal Supermart on Saturday. Have you ever had a meal while being serenaded by the army marching band playing "Happy Days Are Here Again"?

Because the center of Kalibo was jampacked with warm bodies and closed to traffic, we had to walk a lot. We saw parts of Kalibo that otherwise, we may never have noticed.

A lovely ruin. I don't think anyone's interested in restoring it. Sad.

Award for Best Name for a Band: "BROAD BAND". Lovet!

Man Friday asked me, "Is that how you spell your name?"

There is nothing like Ati-atihan. Everyone should experience it at least once in his life.

Good night, Kalibo!

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