Saturday, February 19, 2011

austerity measures

My Chinese New Year's resolution (yez, Chinese New Year-- not January 1st, which for me does not feel like New Year at all since I work all throughout the holidays) is to stop spending money on unnecessary albeit pretty pretty things.

So now I must content myself with just looking. All temptilicious pictures borrowed from

Before I met the Mulberry Alexa in person in Singapore, I had a lust affair with the PS1. I still want it, especially in this new fabulous green shade. I just have to remind myself that it's the price of a secondhand car.

Proenza Schouler PS1 large leather satchel in green.

I think I may be over the Alexa. I'm really liking the Bayswater now, and the shiny patent leather brings me back to elementary school. Hmm, I would probably wear this bag with a crisp long-sleeved white shirt-- with cufflinks!-- and a tie. And just for fun, plaid pants and a newsboy cap.

Mulberry Bayswater patent leather laptop bag.

But wait! What is this new Mulberry messenger-style bag? I'm not so crazy about the color, but I like the shape, the hardware and the little details. It looks more similar to the PS1 than the Alexa.

Mulberry Tillie blush-colored textured leather bag with rose hardware.

A girl can't have too many tote bags, nor can she have too much Lanvin loot. Alber can do no wrong in my book, even though the prices sometimes border on the outrageous. But what the hey, it's snakeskin.

Lanvin Amelia Cabas snakeskin tote in blue.

A more reasonably priced tote is this Gucci. I'm usually not a fan of logos and slogans plastered all over the product, but this is fun. Very tongue-in-cheek. I want!

Gucci Craft beige canvas and dark brown leather tote.

This Jil Sander sando bag is so cute! Also comes in brightly-colored leather, but the plastic one is just too adorable. Apparently, lots of people think so, too. It's sold out.

Jil Sander Market bright orange acetate bag.

If I had to choose just one bag, though, I would get the Margiela hobo bag. At approximately PHP53000 (US$1200), it's a pretty good deal. It doesn't look very remarkable in pictures, but it's the right size, color, design and price. And it's a Margiela, which means it's abstract but beautiful, quirky but utilitarian.

Maison Martin Margiela brown and taupe slouchy leather hobo bag.

Since we're just window-shopping here, let's go all-out. My heart's desire: The Fendi Peekaboo. In python! Costs as much as TWO secondhand cars.

Fendi large Peekaboo brushed python tote.

I hear a voice in my head right now. It's Steph (silent H): "And where are you gonna use that? Aber?"

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