Sunday, September 11, 2011

cuteness in kowloon

Were we lucky or what?! To be at the K11 Art Mall during the "tokodoki Heritage Exhibition".

Cactus hugging a coffee cup greeted us at the entrance.

Hail Caesar! tokidoki artist Simone Legno designed this character especially for K11.

We saw a larger-than-life SANDy.

At every floor, there were huge posters explaining Legno's various collaborations.  I can never resist Hello Kitty, all pink and rainbow-y.

The Black Eyed Peas one was just too cool.

The one with Marvel was adorable. The Incredible Hulk, Mighty Thor, Captain America, Wolverine, Storm, Human Torch, Silver Sulfer, Cyclops, Iron Man, Doctor Doom, and of course, Spidey. Yez, I know them all.

My favorite was Karl Lagerfeld. Is the 10-inch figurine still for sale anywhere?

Legno covered almost every inch of the mall. Even the escalators didn't escape his attention.

The newsletter of the Food Art Festival (18 July to 30 September 2011) was itself a work of art.

The K11 Art Mall by night.

I wonder who they're collaborating with next.

Learn more about tokidoki and download the FREE screen saver here.

Learn more about K11 here.

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