Wednesday, March 23, 2011

last minute change

Not to be outdone, Bunny Rabbit took some pretty awesome sunset shots, too.

24 February 2011, 5:30PM. After Phnom Bakheng, Pre Rup is the next most popular spot for sunset-viewing. Actually, we were not optimistic. The ominous yellow haze was back again. It looked like the sun would never be able to break through the bizarre screen that tinted everything.

OK, OK, the lighting was NOT bad. It was just so strange to see just one color everywhere. Where we come from, the sky is normally a solid blue shield and clouds dot its surface. I mean, you can SEE the different parts of the sky.

We, along with about a hundred other people, settled down to wait.

After a while, it seemed like this was the best we could hope for.

We climbed down the temple-mountain and headed to the parking lot to look for Sok Cheat. As we were about to climb into our tuktuk, we saw...

Now, isn't that pang-award?

Sunsets at Siem Reap are cool.

Note: All photos posted in this blog entry are by Bunny Rabbit and his Nikon D90.

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