Sunday, November 21, 2010

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I'm currently organising my photo albums, and I found these pictures of stuff I've eaten since the beginning of the year. Again: No, I do not photograph everything that I put in my mouth. Just some.

Anyway, here are the Oldies But Goodies:

Eggs Benedict and coconut-pineapple slush at Lemoni Café, Boracay. A perfect way to start the day at the beach. 5/5

Dulcinea's chocolate eclair. So terrible, I can hardly find the words. Dry, tasteless crap. 0/5

Maki-mi at Mañosa, Banawe Street in Quezon City. Slightly less yummy than the original in Chinatown. 4/5

C2 Kulinarya's crispy kare-kare. Says "must-try" on their menu. The crispy pata was superb, but the peanut sauce needs a little tweaking. 4/5

The classic Razon's halo-halo. Some things should never be messed with. Forever and ever, amen. 5/5

Pancit luglug, also from Razon's. There are better ones out there, but you can really feel the love that they put into this. 4/5

Pork chop rice at Tasty Dumplings. So good! But should be eaten on site, so that it's hot, fresh and you have all the sauces in front of you. 5/5

And then there's the New Stuff. "New" in the sense that I'd never had the chance to try them before, even though they've been around for some time.

Wagyu steak at Melo's. The best steak I've had this year. Go and order the Grade 6 rib-eye. Do it now! 5/5

Beef gyuudon (that's how they spell it) at Bubble Tea, The Block, Quezon City. Not bad, but not great. 3/5

UCC's chocolate thing and Blue Mountain whatsit. Absolutely cannot compare to the tiramisu and sumiyaki coffee. 3/5

Pistachio ice cream sans rival at FIC, Boracay. It was OK, but I really prefer just a scoop of ice cream. 3/5

The original panizza at C'Italian, Pampanga. Cost a bloody fortune, but the imitations out there are all so horrible. 4/5

Pomelo salad from Steph's caterer. The best Thai salad I've had since the last time I was in Bangkok. I took some home and ate it again the next morning. 5/5

Bagoong Club's pinakbet paté with eggplant chips. The fried eggplant didn't get soggy even after sitting in the AC. The paté was unremarkable, but went well with the chips. 4/5

Chef Rick's cheese bread at 22 Prime, Discovery Suites. Sadly, this was the only good thing we ate there. 22 Prime has really gone downhill. What's going on? 3/5

Pitaw from Casa Carmela, Bacolod City. It's actually tiny, tiny birds cooked adobo-style. Convenient and delicious! Should buy more of this, in case of food emergencies. 4/5

Tofu salad at Urameshi-ya, Little Tokyo, Makati City. I don't know what the hell they put in it, but it was so f*@#ing good! 5/5

Ching Cruz's sole Meuniere. Like everything else we ate at Terrace At The 5th, Greenbelt 5, Makati City, this was just so-so. 3/5

Whew, now I can transfer 12 gigabytes of pictures to my "Sorted" folder and forget about them. Wiwit! Have a nice Sunday, y'all.

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