Wednesday, November 10, 2010

balls at the big dome

It's been two months since I took these pictures, and all this time I've been debating with myself about whether I should post them. They're very grainy and I'm not happy because I know that I could have done better at the time. A few moments ago, the solution suddenly hit me...

I'll just pretend that they were shot in film and that they're meant to be grainy! Hehe.

Café Bola: What a great name!

I've always wanted to try Café Bola at the Araneta Coliseum. I think of myself as a fan of Chef Margarita Fores. Cibo is one of my all-time favorite restaurants, and although Lusso made me sad, I'm willing to give it another chance.

Café Bola looks like a happy place, even though the interiors are quite dark. The bold colors and eclectic decor make me want to clap my hands like a giddy schoolgirl.

Take note of the giant wall clock made with size 4R photographs.

The numbers on the tables are so crazy. I like.
I know that the term "eclectic" is overused and misunderstood lots of times, but bear with me.

The food is simple Pinoy fare like your family cook used to make. Some of the dishes are rice toppings and evoke the feeling of breakfast. And who doesn't love breakfast at any time of the day? But other than those, the menu actually offers a good variety-- there's pasta, salads and sandwiches, too.

Spicy bangus mousse + pandesal rounds.
Adobo flakes + kesong puti.
Guilt-free chicken adobo + kangkong salad.
Sirloin tapa + egg
Verdict: We liked everything! I was so shocked that I almost fell out of my chair. It is so rare-- nay, impossible-- for me to go to a restaurant and not hate anything. The flavor combinations were just right, the serving sizes were just right, the wait staff's attentiveness was just right, the prices were just right. In fact, I couldn't find anything wrong. Obviously, Café Bola is not the kind of place that's going to pick up any culinary awards, but it's a great place to chow and chat. I can't wait to go back and try the rest of their food.

Oh, and the eclectic stuff?

Those, my dears, are prints of old black and white photos of the Araneta Colisuem as it was being built in 1957-1960. It's the Big Dome, where multitudes of screaming fans witnessed countless basketball games played by the greatest athletes in Philippine history. Araneta Colisuem = Basketball = Ball = Café Bola. Isn't that astig?

Read more about the Araneta Coliseum, here.

Oh, and the reason we were in Cubao in the first place? To pick up these tickets for the John Mayer concert.

Thank match, CJ!

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