Wednesday, April 14, 2010

kalibo's best-kept secret

Kalibo, the capital of Aklan province, is famous for the Ati-atihan Festival which is held every third weekend of January. It's also known as the gateway to Boracay. That's it. That's usually everything most people know about Kalibo.

We didn't know that they had this extraordinary cathedral called St. John the Baptist.

Not too fancy on the outside.

Clean lines inside.

Kaleidosflora said that National Artist of the Philippines for Architecture Leandro Locsin worked on this structure.

Serene little chapel in one of the transepts.

What's that on the windows?

Ta-dah! The Stations of the Cross in full-color HD stained glass!

Who knew that we had this in Kalibo?

Parting shot.

What are these things called, where you moisten your fingers with holy water before you make the sign of the cross? I've started collecting pictures of them. Here's another one.

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