Tuesday, July 14, 2009

pig on the beach

My friends the Cookie Couple brought their kids to Boracay for the first time this past May. Naturally, even before they came here, we already planned their "eating itinerary". I told them that we should schedule a lechon lunch.

Lechon is whole pig, roasted on a spit over an open fire. The most famous lechon in the country is in Cebu, but personally I prefer ours. Intrigued, the Cookie Couple said go, let's order one. And oh, let's have some lobster, too.

The lechon's skin was very crispy, and the meat was super flavorful. Like the Cebu lechon, ours doesn't need any sauce to make it tasty.

We ordered the lobster from Angel Wish Dish. I usually don't see what the big deal is with lobster, but this one was perfect. It was extremely fresh, and not overcooked at all.

Uyy... sweet sweet!

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