Monday, May 28, 2012

interlude: ma's birthday

Yesterday was Ma's birthday!

Baby cheesecake compliments of the Oakroom.

We went to the "Bubblicious Sunday Brunch Buffet with Unlimited Wine" at the Oakwood Premier Joy-Nostalg Center. I bought some coupons from DealGrocer at PHP880 each (about US$20), discounted from the original price of PHP1,486.

The parents attacked the roast beef, steamed crabs and grilled prawns right away, but I decided to start with dessert.

Plate one: Crepe Suzette with vanilla ice cream.

Plate two: Bread pudding with vanilla sauce, creme brulée, rum balls and red velvet cake.

There was live music throughout our three-hour lunch. They're very, very good and their repertoire is just perfect for a leisurely weekend meal with family and friends. They sang "Happy Birthday" to my mother-- so sweet!

I liked them! Catch them every weekend at the Oakroom.

The pink sparkling wine was making me tipsy, so I had some soup.

Plate three: Corn and mushroom soup with a soft roll and unsalted butter.

And then I felt ready for something more substantial.

Plate four: Grilled pork belly, siomai, smoked salmon, Hungarian sausage, baked fish fillet, jerk chicken salad and soft-shelled crab salad.

To round things off, I had dessert again.

Plate five: Crepe Suzette with chocolate ice cream.

I felt too stuffed to try the eggs Benedict or swing by the pasta station. I just had some coffee and read the newspaper while listening to the acoustic performance. Not a bad way to spend three hours on a Sunday, huh?

Some people would say that I didn't make the most of the buffet (i.e. pig out), but I had a nice time. I think Ma did, too. And that's what's important.

Verdict: I would go back to the Bubblicious Sunday Brunch Buffet. The food, although not as fancy-shmancy as the Shangri-la's or Sofitel's, was pretty decent and satisfying. I'd say that in terms of quality and variety, the Oakroom's spread is similar to Discovery Suites' Restaurant 5. And I had no complaints about the service.

The music and free-flowing sparkling wine really made a difference, I think. The diners were more laid- back and calm, and there was none of the usual hectic face-stuffing that happens in an all-you-can-eat buffet. Everyone LINGERED. The ambience was very chill. As I said to Pop, "This is what relaxing looks like."

The Oakroom is on the sixth floor of the Oakwood Premier Joy-Nostalg on ADB Avenue in Pasig City. They have a website. The dining room is quite small, so I would recommend booking ahead.

Four generations. Notice the family resemblance?


  1. Looks like you had a great day, your mum looks amazing and it was so nice to see the photo of four generations.

  2. mother had six glasses of sparkling wine and i stuffed my face with crepes suzette-- a great day indeed!