Thursday, January 6, 2011

yes, i know christmas is over

As I mentioned before, one of my favorite shopping malls in Manila is Power Plant at Rockwell. It's not too big, the layout makes sense, there are rest rooms everywhere, and the shoppers are all beautiful people bwahahahaha!

That kid looks like he's gonna pee in his pants.

I'm so glad that Power Plant was the last mall I visited in 2010. I had a good time with the parents, which means nobody fought with anybody that day. We all managed to suss out and buy useless, expensive objets that made each one happy.

Pop feels compelled to enter every Lacoste store that he sees.

I really, really loved the Christmas decor. Red and gold. Gold and red. What's more traditional and more Christmasy than that color combination? Forget the greens and silvers. That's for Leprechaun Day, not Christmas.
Classic. Monochromatic, but appropriate.

Understated but festive... Gasp! Am I a closet WASP?

(Of course, the hands-down all-time winner of Christmas decorating is Rustan's Makati-- did you see their Louis Vuitton windows? All the Ayala Malls, with their multicolored LED Nutcracker Suite theme, were just tacky and a bit depressing.)

Every Christmas season, the World Wildlife Fund sets up the moving robots/ endangered animals display. We always get such a kick out of it.

Aren't they the cutest? (Humans and animals.)

Check out the hot mama's hot Chanel tote.

Last stop before going home was the basement. It's some kinda Foodie Wonderland down there.

Starts out innocently enough with a fruit stand.

We managed to sidestep the incredible array of super-indulgent, gain-ten-pounds-just-by-looking baked goodies and desserts, and headed to Rustan's Fresh. Why is it so hard to find a decent salad nowadays?

This is why I go to Rustan's supermarket.

You can tell that they used really good-quality ingredients. Healthy and tastes great, too.

And the best service! I would pay extra for outstanding service.

I'm sorry I didn't catch her name. In fact, she tried to avoid my camera, but I caught her anyway. You da best, my dear! Knowledgeable, articulate, friendly but not overly-so. She paid attention to our needs. She wasn't afraid to make suggestions. There was a proprietary air to how she dealt with people. In short, she gave a shet about her job.

OK, that's it. My last Christmas 2010 post, I swear.

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