Friday, August 6, 2010

stopping time

It's the strangest thing. For over a decade, I was told that I looked the same as I did in my early 20s (Naks!) and then suddenly, a couple of months ago, I noticed fine lines around my eye-- Gasp! Take note that it's only one eye, the left one.

I didn't know that wrinkles would show up this way-- without warning and out of the blue. One minute you believe that you're as hot as you were in high school. The next minute, you have "character lines" under your left eye. WTH.

So I went out and got myself the entire Olay Regenerist line. The five products that I bought cost almost as much as a meal for two at Antonio's. That depressed me.

I always thought that Olay Regenerist was a product line that's geared towards more mature women like, say, my mother. But now... Waaaahhh!

Our friend Bry the Shrinking Man works for Proctor & Gamble and swears that Olay Regenerist performed as well as the nose-bleedingly expensive Creme de la Mer in their tests. (A jar of La Mer would cost as much as a meal for the whole family at Antonio's.) Granted that Bry has worked for P&G his entire adult life and may seriously believe that everything you need to survive in this world is being manufactured by P&G.

Now the problem is REMEMBERING to use the Cream Cleanser, Eye Lifting Serum, Regenerating Serum, Regenerating Cream with SPF15 and the Micro Sculpting Cream every freaking day. So much work just to try to stop time.

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