Tuesday, August 25, 2009

noli and el fili

I love the name of this restaurant.

Ma and I had an afternoon snack here.

Bibingka waffle.

Diablo souffle.

Food review: You have to be Pinoy to truly appreciate these desserts, or at least have an open mind. A bibingka is a rice cake, usually topped with cheese and salted eggs. The bibingka waffle is a soft waffle with the flavors of a bibingka. A little hard to imagine, but very tasty. As for the Diablo, it really blows the mind. It's a chocolate souffle laced with chilis. Yez, it is spicy, like a Mexican mole. My reaction after the first bite was "What the hail?", but after my taste buds adjusted, Ma and I demolished it. Verdict? Will definitely go back and try the other menu items, such as Sisa's Dementia.

Note: How does one put the accent slash thingy over the letter E? "Souffle" without the accent slash looks kind of naked.

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