Saturday, November 17, 2012

second day in india: lunch & dinner

When we arrived at Hotel Laxmi Vilas (yez, that's how it's spelled) in Bharatpur City for lunch on 23 September 2012, it was already 330PM.

It's actually a palace that was built by the maharajah's brother in 1887 and converted into a hotel in 1994. So interesting! Too bad we didn't stay there. We could have, since it's only one hour away from Agra i.e. Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, Fatehpur Sikri. Plus Bharatpur has its own attractions such as the Iron Fort and the bird sanctuary. Ah, well.

I would have liked to see the rooms, but we didn't have enough time. We still had four hours (180 kilometers) to go before we would reach Jaipur. All I saw was the dining hall which was very ornate and, I assume, authentic. Check out the chandeliers.

The food was not as spectacular as the ambiance, unfortunately. Because we were late? Nevertheless, it was plentiful and filling. And the dessert, bananas with coconut milk, was nice.

When we finally arrived at Le Meridien Jaipur, our home for two nights, it was 830PM.

Time for dinner. We were served dhal (lentil stew/ soup) and paneer (cottage cheese) at every meal for the five days that we were in India, so that's what I ate. Le Meridien's versions were not bad at all. But it was dessert again that I liked most-- bread pudding with almond slivers and flavored with cardamom. Oy.

Hotel Laxmi Vilas
Le Meridien Jaipur

Thanks to Bunny Rabbit for the night shots of Le Meridien Jaipur.


  1. I can only imagine that you were thoroughly exhausted at the end of day two, you crammed so much into such a short period of time, eagerly anticipating details of day three of your amazing tour.
    If I had travelled with you my only disappointment would have been the food.

  2. ah, but i expected to be disappointed by the food and so i made advance preparations to eat very, very well on day four. stay tuned!