Sunday, November 4, 2012

book 15

Speaking of my father... A friend of his wrote a memoir and invited him to the book launch on 27 September 2012. Too bad Pop and I were both out of town. Everyone who's anyone in this country was at that shindig. It would have been the perfect opportunity for people watching.

That friend is the president of the Philippine Senate. And the oldest living politician in the world, it seems.

Seriously, this doorstop is over 700 pages and it apparently barely scratches the surface. (The original manuscript was 2,000+ pages.) It feels like Juan Ponce Enrile's story begins way back during Spanish colonial times, and he's still going strong.

Many, many people have read and reviewed this book. All I can say is, it's very entertaining. Whether it's fact or fiction is practically irrelevant-- after all, who else is still alive to contradict his recollection of the events that he wrote about? Ferdinand Marcos is dead, Ninoy Aquino is dead and Imelda Marcos is mad as a hatter.

Joke lang po, madam! You know I adore you.

If you haven't read the book yet, here's a teaser from

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