Sunday, November 4, 2012

happy birthday, daddy!

My father's birthday was on 29 October 2012, but we celebrated the day before which was a Sunday.

La famiglia sempre, Oct 2012. The youngest member was upstairs, playing.

I have given up trying to organise the food during family occasions. My father wants to eat what he likes to eat. Best not to argue.

Same old, same old from the reliable Red Palace Seafood Restaurant. All yummy except for the bland, mushy noodles.

We had two birthday cakes that evening. Father's Mini-me, my godson/nephew, sang the birthday song first in Chinese, and then again in English.

Mocha chiffon cake with the correct age, 66 years old young.

Dulce de leche cake, one year in advance.

I didn't know that Red Ribbon has these cutesy sayings on their liners.

True dat.

It was most likely my mother who ate the last slice. Cake addict.

We love you, Daddy. Red Palace again on your next birthday... and Christmas, New Year, Valentine's Day, Father's Day, every Sunday, etc.

Red Palace Seafood Restaurant
132 Malakas Street, Central, Quezon City
Phone +63.2.9208261

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