Friday, July 24, 2009

wiped out

For some reason, I feel that the dessert choices here are quite limited-- even though there are hundreds of restaurants. Or maybe I just don't pay attention.

Like this place, Halowich. My initial impression: The service staff are all women, all tiny and sexy, all wearing a pink or red tank top and white short shorts, and all going up and down a spiral staircase right in the dining area where everyone can see their, um, assets. Who cares about the food?

On the menu board, there's a column labeled "Ice", which is described as a flavored sorbet with fruits and ice cream and whatnot. We decided to order the "Couple Ice" since there were two of us i.e. a couple.

It was ginormous. This order could satisfy three to four people. Bravely, we dug in. Surprise, surprise. It was basically a halo-halo with loads of soft-serve ice cream on top, and what takes the place of the shaved ice is the sorbet. Brilliant!

From Wikipedia: "Halo-halo (from the Tagalog word halo, "mix") is a popular Filipino dessert that is a mixture of shaved ice and milk to which are added various boiled sweet beans and fruits, and served cold in a tall glass or bowl. There is no specific recipe for this dessert, and a wide variety of ingredients are used. The order in which the ingredients are added varies widely. Primary ingredients generally include boiled red mung beans (monggo), kidney beans, garbanzos, sugar plam fruit (kaong) and plantians caramelized in sugar. Other components may include jackfruit, tapioca, nata de coco, purple yam (ube) or sweet potato, sweetened corn kernels or pounded crushed young rice (pinipig), custard (leche flan) and gelatin. Other fruits such as cherries may also be added. Some preparations also include ice cream on top of the halo-halo."

By using sorbet or sherbet instead of plain shaved ice, another flavor component is added-- your choice of mango, strawberry, green tea-- whatever suits your fancy. Before we knew it, we had eaten it all!

I am impressed. It's a new twist on the ubiquitous halo-halo.

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