Tuesday, July 14, 2009

delightful dumaguete

Traveling around the Central Visayan Sea is such a breeze. We were all pleasantly surprised. From Tagbilaran, we took the fast, fast ferry to Dumaguete. Even though the water was choppy, it seemed like the boat didn't need to slow down for the waves. The ferry schedules are pretty regular and the safety record was OK. My only gripe was that Ocean Jet charged us for excess baggage, like a plane! (The other ferry company-- Weesam from Bacolod to Iloilo-- didn't.)

Dumaguete is such a cute little city. You can walk everywhere, or take a tricycle. There are hardly any cars, but lots of motorbikes, especially around Siliman University. They have a lot of spas around the city. Honey Bunny, Hot Tuna and I went for a foot spa and body massage for less than 1,000 pesos each. You can't get that anywhere else, I think.

Rizal Boulevard with its huge ancient trees seems to be the heart of the city.

We met the Sisters of Saint Paul of Chartres there.

Since I travel mostly for food, the most memorable part of our stay in Dumaguete was the sizzling bulalo at Dumaguete Royal Suite Inn. It's a whole beef shank served on a sizzling plate, with the marrow practically oozing out-- horror for health-conscious people, but heaven for me! It will definitely be on my list of to-do's when we go back.

Waiting for our sizzling bulalo.

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