Tuesday, July 14, 2009

diving with the nerds

We had three diving days during the Great Visayan Tour. The first was Panglao Island in Bohol. Unfortunately, the weather was bad. We couldn't get to the really good dive sites around Balicasag. We went to Doljo Point instead. It was OK.

And then, after our friends from Bacolod arrived in Dumaguete, we went diving around Siquijor Island. It was also OK.

Everyone was looking forward to Apo Island. I was worried about the weather, but on the day, the sea was as flat as a pancake.

Bunny Rabbit relaxing in the sun. The Mayor and BenG in the background.

Hot Tuna, Attorney Gold and the Architect getting ready to dive.

The first thing we saw:

My favorite underwater subject is Bunny Rabbit.

Isn't he photogenic?

Our dive guide was the Architect. Here he is surrounded by jacks.

NERDS: Negros Recreational Divers. Our friends from Bacolod are members of this org.

The receptionist at Dumaguete Royal Suite Inn, to Hot Tuna, as we were checking in: "Sir, are you a NERD?"

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