Friday, July 10, 2009

case in point

I've been searching the internet for a leather case for my Lumix LX3. I found these on ebay.

The most common is this. It's available here, right now. The problem is I want to keep using the LX3's neck strap.

So, I need a horizontal case, not a vertical. Like this, but without the snap buttons.

This is the infamous DMW-CLX3 a.ka. the Eveready.
This is the lovely limited edition red DMW-CLX3. It's incredibly expensive at around US$230-- can buy a new camera with that money! But it's really beautiful.

I might end up with this one. It's cheaper than the black DMW-CLX3. It's simple, don't have to screw anything in the tripod thread, just whip the case off the camera when taking pictures. And best of all, I can still use the neck strap.

Should I get it?