Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Our last stop before we came back home was the sleepy little barangay of Patria in Pandan, Antique. We visited our friend and mentor, Dirty Harry. Retired from the navy, he is a scuba diving instructor, dive shop owner, former president of the Boracay Association of Scuba-diving Schools (BASS), boat builder, entrepreneur and all-around good guy. His shipyard is in Patria.

He builds speedboats from scratch. He's extremely good at it.

Patria is a lovely place. The last time I was here was 1999, I think. We went diving in this bay because there were whalesharks!

The water's so clean and clear. Too bad the weather just wouldn't cooperate for the entire trip.

Never mind. We'll be back.

Note: "Antique", when referring to the province, is pronounced an-TEE-keh.

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