Monday, August 3, 2009

shelter from the storm

The last place that we visited before the weather became unbearable was the Miagao Church. It's a UNESCO World Heritage Site, just like the church in Paoay. The architecture is a mix of Baroque, Hispano-American, Medieval Spanish, Muslim and Chinese-- which makes it truly Filipino, as our culture is made up of all these elements.

Photos by Bunny Rabbit.

A guy offered to give us a tour of the interior, so we went around to the side entrance. The walls are 1.5 meters thick and the foundations go six meters deep into the ground.

It took ten years of slave labor to build. It was completed in 1797. If you were a poor citizen of that time, you were obligated to bring a huge block of limestone from the quarry to the building site in a week's time. Otherwise, you would be whipped.

Although the interiors are quite simple, the altar is impressive with all the gold-plating.

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