Sunday, August 2, 2009

lunch break

When in Iloilo, one must eat at Villa. Located in the outskirts of Iloilo, it's a sleepy seaside hamlet whose specialty is lechon.

There are two places to choose from: Breakthrough and Tatoy's. Being sentimentalists, we chose the older and more established Tatoy's.

The place is kind of run down. They really need a paint job. Hey, Davies Paints! How about sponsoring the signboard?

The food was good and the service was excellent, though. Sitting in one of the huts on the beach, we enjoyed the view and the breeze.

Our order arrived in a flash. Clockwise from bottom right: Kikiam (deep-fried meat roll), lechon (roasted pig), nylon shell soup, a small mound of rice and grilled scallops.

Total bill: 725 pesos with tip. That's about US$15. We actually ordered enough food for 4 people, so that makes it US$3.75 per person.

Unfortunately, the lechon did not live up to its hype. The skin was crispy and delicious, even after it had cooled down in the breeze, but that was it. The meat was bland and tasteless. I still say we have the best lechon here. (See previous post "pig on the beach".)

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