Monday, August 3, 2009

hardware heaven

There's something about hardware stores. It's like a wonderland of must-have useless stuff, where one can immerse oneself and shut out the noise and bustle of the world-- a sanctuary for gadget guys. Bunny Rabbit can spend hours inside one and come out with just a little pack of wood screws.

This time, though, I found some really interesting junk myself. I was mesmerized by the chisel display.

This is an egg timer. You put in the pot with your boiling eggs and it will let you know when the eggs are done-- soft, medium or hard-boiled.

After you open the wine bottle with this corkscrew, you can also use it as a stopper.

I read about this gadget somewhere. It's a combination padlock. Instead of using numbers, you can choose words. Great for people who can't remember their own birthdays, ATM PINs or their phone numbers.

But this next one is the greatest gadget ever! My best purchase in Iloilo:

It's so tiny-- about the size of half a ballpen. It's perfect for obsessive-compulsives like me who freak out at the tiniest speck of dirt on my camera lens.

First you use the brush on one end...

And then you use the other end to rub and polish. Voila! No more dirt and fingerprint smudges.

Here's how it works:
Click to enlarge.

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