Friday, October 22, 2010

magnificent decay

After an outstandingly relaxed lunch at La Grotta in San Carlos City, I said to BenG, "I want to shoot The Ruins at sunset." It was already late in the afternoon. We were hours and hours away. It would mean practically driving from one end of Negros to the other, to Talisay City.

We made it. Even after battling that bone-crushing dirt road with potholes that you could disappear in-- the only access to The Ruins.

I was not prepared for how massive it was.

Giants dwelled here.
Actually the side entrance.
As dusk fell.
When it got dark, they lit up the whole place. The grounds are very well-maintained.

The fountain is a nice touch.
Abstract artsy-fartsy.
Reminds me of our Basic Photography Workshop.
I went inside. There's a restaurant and the food looked decent!

From behind the grand staircase.
The second floor.
The ground floor facade.
They conduct guided tours. I'm sorry I missed it, so I'll just have to satisfy myself with googling The Ruins. Mini Javellana wrote a short history of the place, here.

It's four times the size of a normal hacienda house, it seems.
A wonderful place for a wedding reception.
I'm in love with Negros agriculture!
BenG: "I'm never coming back here. Not unless they fix that road."


  1. DB,
    The pictures are awesome! These are pictures not snapshots. I have a feeling who is BenG....LOL..... keep it up.

  2. thanks! excited for you to see my other photos... couldn't have done it without you!