Sunday, October 24, 2010

back to bacolod

Dear Hot Tuna,

You mentioned that for your trip to Asia next year, between Manila and Boracay, there was one week which you had left open for "anything goes". Have you decided where to go and what to do yet? Because I have a suggestion.

As you know, we went to Bacolod on 15 Oct 2010, just in time for the Masskara festivities. Like before, we had a great time with BenG, the Mayor and Attorney Gold. Being in Bacolod again and hanging out (read: "eating") with good friends made me realise how much I had missed everything! The food, the architecture, the scenery, the people... Did I mention the food?

There's something about Negros Occidental province that makes me wish that I had grown up there. I am undeniably, irrevocably, head-over-heels in love with the place.

So anyway, let's gow! You've only been there once, and there's so much more that you didn't get to experience during our Great Visayan Tour in 2007. For example, this time our intrepid guide BenG took us on a lo-ooong drive to San Carlos City because he'd heard about this extraordinary pizza. Let me tell you, this is the absolute BEST driving road in the Philippines. Every twist and turn made us go "Wow".

Is this in a third world country?
The waterfall up at Don Salvador Benedicto.
You can see the road hugging the mountainside.
Next time, we'll take it slow and make lots of stopovers for more pictures.

After asking around a bit, we found the restaurant-- no mean feat considering that we didn't even know its name. But it's indelibly stamped in my brain now: La Grotta.

Here's the menu.
Reminds me of old Boracay.
The pizza was truly outstanding. The crust was perfection. (The other dishes were pretty good, too, except for the white pasta. The bread that came with the salad was pronounced "winner" by BenG.)

Worth the trip.
Pretending to be healthy.
Their version of spaghetti Bolognese-- the Massaia
Since there were only three of us, we couldn't order a lot, and that's why we need you! So that we can taste-test more dishes.

The "Gorganzola" spaghetti was a fail.
As we were leaving, we spotted some funny little sculptures made from iron nails salvaged from railroad tracks. Actually, the whole place was filled with interesting and eclectic knickknacks.

From San Carlos, we can jump on a boat and go diving in Cebu. Sound like a plan?

All the best,

BenG: "What is it about this place? It's so relaxing. Is it the food, the music? Is it the MONKEY?"

Image by Bunny Rabbit.


  1. I knew my big mouth would get me into trouble one When it comes to serious taste-testing I am your man, bring it on!

  2. Yes, it is entirely your fault! Plans, especially those made way in advance, are just begging to be modified. We'll figure something out, no worries.