Thursday, October 28, 2010

1925 calories

Looking back at our food trip in Negros Occidental, I'd say that it was our visit to Café 1925 in Silay City that really pushed us over the edge. The night before we went, BenG mentioned to everyone that we were going to "Denise's place". Immediately, each person shouted out a dish that we had to try: Osso Bucco! Churros! Tiramisu!

But in my opinion, the absolute best thing we had that day was the Mascovado Bar. It was simple and comforting, like a warm blanket. But the flavors were very complex-- alternating between light and dark. It's hard to describe. All I know is that the Mascovado Bar is thoroughly addicting, and I regret not taking some home with me.

Moist and chewy heaven.
The Churros were OK, but the chocolate dip bothered me a bit. I was expecting Spanish-style batirol tsokolate. Instead, it was more like a fondue. But I did like the texture of the fried dough-- light and crisp on the outside, and almost-creamy on the inside. BenG said that they should have been cooked longer, but I liked them the way they were.

Brings out the kid in everyone.
Denise explained that she wanted to serve food that she personally liked to eat, and that you couldn't find in any restaurant in the area. Hence the Osso Bucco and Hainan Chicken. No, they don't have Batchoy. Check out her menu here.

She introduced us to her Ricotta Doughnuts with three sauces. I couldn't really taste the ricotta, but the caramel dipping sauce was TO DIE FOR. I wanted to lick it off the plate.

Caramel on the left. I have tears in my eyes just thinking about it.
And finally, before we had to leave to catch the Masskara parade (which we missed anyway), Denise brought out the piéce de résistance-- the Sunny Wafer!

Must have at least 1925 calories.

As soon as I put some in my mouth, my taste buds went, "Woah, what is that?! Gimme more!" It started off tasting like a mango float (you know, that dessert concoction made with fresh mangoes, graham crackers and cream), even though there were no mangoes in it. The meringue literally melted away on my tongue-- no need to chew. At the finish, it tasted like sans rival. So, so, so good.

Denise said that it's even better if you store it in the ref for a couple of days because it becomes chewy. Why would anyone do that?! It's wonderful straight out the kitchen.

It was mid-afternoon when we went and the place was quickly filled up by families who had traveled from neighboring cities just to eat and hang out at Café 1925.

Cozy, homey and packed.
Thank you, Denise and BenG for a memorable afternoon.

Bad Influence and Badder Influence.
Verdict: Notwithstanding the fact that the owner kept plying us with free food, Café 1925 is truly worth the trip. The menu changes weekly, and you never know what gems you'll find on their shelves and chillers. Some of the dishes are winners, others need a bit of tweaking, but the whole experience-- the sala-like ambience, the sense of history and the integrity of the cook's taste in food-- makes you want to live there and just wait for the next mealtime. As a bonus, the café is in Silay where Bacolod's airport was relocated, so you can drop in before or after your flight. And IMHO, Silay is the prettiest city I have ever seen.

Image by Bunny Rabbit.
Café 1925 by Denise Gaston, located at 14 J. Ledesma Street, Silay City, Negros Occidental. Phone +63.34.7147414. Website

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