Saturday, October 23, 2010

bad influence

Two months before our trip to Bacolod, I made a list of all the things that I wanted to eat.

Pendy's half-moon cake.

L'Fishers's pancit molo.
El Ideal's fresh lumpia.
Home cooking at Aboy's: Pangat, Stingray Adobado, Bicol Express and Longganisa.
The problem was, we just didn't have enough time. You can only eat so much in a day! Plus, BenG kept introducing new must-try local delicacies. So now the list has gotten longer.

Grilled scallops, still at Aboy's.
Puto from Manapla.
Calea's Ruebens sandwich.
I can't believe that BenG had the gall to imply that it was our fault that he gained 50 pounds in three days! Who was the one who would drive us out of town for two hours just to try some pizza? Who was the Bad Influence, hmm?

Everything we ate was memorable and crave-able. My mouth is watering just going through my pictures. I will be dreaming of Bacolod again tonight.

BenG: "Why do you like our food here so much? Don't you people have anything to eat where you live?"

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