Sunday, September 12, 2010

what our friends fed us

Naturally, our friends Marang (the person not the fruit) and Steve Shadow made sure that we ate well while we were in Davao City.

D'Counter's dilis salad, grilled tuna belly, chorizo and kinilaw na tuna. These were the first things we ate in Davao, and Steve Shadow's ultimate comfort food.

Ah Fat's stir-fried vegetables with quail eggs, Yang Chow fried rice, hot prawn salad and sweet and sour fish fillet. Ah Fat is Davao's most popular Chinese lauriat-style restaurant, with three branches within the same block. The fourth to open soon.

Bulcachong's bulalo, baby! A great foodie find courtesy of Marang. I'd already dug in when she said, "By the way, this is carabao beef. I hope you don't mind." One of the best bulalos I've ever had.

Coffee Cat's coffee and strawberry cheesecake. The coffee was so tragic that it made me want to commit suicide-- how could they mess up Illy? But the pastries were pretty good. This was where we had the durian sans rival on our last night in Davao.

Ranch And Reef's U.S. Angus steak with amazing gravy. We only had ten minutes to eat, and it was a buffet! Wah! We could have eaten kilograms of this stuff. The meat was juicy-tender with lovely charred edges and melt-in-your-mouth layers of fat.

Spirale's roast chicken with root vegetables. Smelled fantastic with all the garlic and rosemary. If you like your chicken soft and falling off the bone, this is highly recommended. The carrots lent a surprisingly sweet note to the dish.

Thank match, our friendly local guides. We're so glad that we were able to visit your city.

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