Saturday, September 4, 2010

fruits of kadayawan

The best place to see, buy and eat fruits in Davao City during Kadayawan? SM-- they've got it all!

Trade Fair at SM City Davao.

Durian, King of Fruits.

Mangosteen, Queen of Fruits.

Pomelo. Not so good because they weren't in season.

Lanzones. There's a variety called Longkong that we ate like candy.

Rambutan. My chiropractor recently told me that the seed is edible and full of anti-oxidants.

Santol. I prefer them preserved/ pickled.

Marang. Our best discovery in Davao. How come we'd never heard of it before?

Heavenly! (drooling..)

We kept stuffing our faces with it.

None of the fruit that we encountered cost more than PHP35 a kilo. Ridiculous! Now we can't buy these fruits anywhere else because we'll always remember how cheap and plentiful they were in Davao. We have been spoiled forever.

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