Thursday, September 9, 2010

suddenly, we were fishing

On the last day of the Kadayawan festivities, we were invited by a friend of a friend to go fishing. As in, with fishing poles and bait and stuff like that. We drove to the Banana Resort in Tagum, about an hour's drive from Davao City. It was unexpectedly very pleasant. Thanks, Easy Rider.

The noise and bustle of the city faded away. It was so-ooo quiet. We were the only ones there. Banana Resort has the most interesting architecture I'd seen in Davao so far.

Even the restrooms are nice. There' still a lot of undeveloped area. I look forward to seeing what the owners do with their resort.

It was cloudy that day-- not too hot, with a slight breeze. Each hut has a little ledge for the anglers, although I suppose you could also cast your line from the bridge. To use the facilities, you pay PHP500 per person, fully consumable-- the fish you catch is weighed and charged by the kilogram. You can also order food and drinks.

Our little group caught quite a lot of fish. I found it all very interesting, but I couldn't bring myself to try fishing. I eat fish. I just don't like seeing how the fish are caught and killed. (The resort staff would unhook the bangus and bash it on the head repeatedly until it gives up the ghost-- Ew!) I prefer to see my food dead already.

I don't know if it's because I'm a SCUBA diver. When I dive and observe marine life in its natural environment, I feel that the fish are aware of my presence in a zen-ish inter-species kind of way. Sometimes they even look me in the eye. Anthropomorphism? Maybe.

But I would still eat them.

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