Wednesday, September 29, 2010

spoiled for life

When we were very young, my parents took us to Kimpura at least once a month for some Japanese chow. It was a real treat for us kids because Ma never cooked. It was always exciting to see a live person transform raw ingredients into actual food.

It's a magic!
So when Pop and I were in Greenhills the other day to buy a new cellphone for him that would work in Canada (long story), I said, "Let's go watch someone cook real food."

Crispy salmon skin. They didn't have this in the 80s.
California temaki. It was a sign that I was grown up when I was allowed to order this for myself.
Nobody makes miso soup like Kimpura. Comfort in a bowl.
Since the beginning of time, we would always order the same things. My father's not big on newfangled stuff.

Mixed fried rice, sirloin steak, oysters and lobster tail. I die!
Even the dessert was always, always the same.

Pop contemplating his gulaman.
Yez, you CAN go home again. Thank you, Daddy.

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  1. I've actually tried the sirloin and the fried rice which they cook on the teppanyaki table in my past visits, okay naman. Overall I just find Kimpura kind of overpriced for what it offers... :)